Our Range

Our Organic Range

Aseemit Organics is a company that specializes in the manufacture and export of natural foodstuff such as Vedic Ghee, OIL’S Cereals, Pulses, Spices, Juices, Sugar, Green Tea, and Ready to Cook Foods, Snacks, and Medicated Juices.

Assemit Organics - #1 Organic Products Supplier in Gwalior.

“We work on minimal profits & works for the societal cause. We believe in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – The World is One Family.”

Profits are donated entirely to needy people for charity

Our Products are

Which sell product which have these certificates

“We provide 100% organic product”

Why Gwalior's people choose us?

Our organic technique and dehydration skill make sure that our herbs keep their utmost level of power for the highest eminence, most useful, pure and organic True Wellness products available in the bazaar today..

Our Vision

“To be a medium of awareness in the global market by creating an entire, sustainable commerce modality, which encourages, helps and sustain True Wellness and admiration all Beings and for Mother Nature.”

Our Mission

“To be a responsible and creative inclusive organizer in providing real natural true wellness products and explanations for awake, vigorous living.”

Our Values
  • Service to every one
  • Total honesty
  • complete promise to excellence
  • admiration and loyalty to Mother Nature
  • No negotiation on being who we are
  • Our assurance

We work for Society not for money!

Profits are donated entirely to needy people for charity

We work for society. We invest only a fraction of the production we earn from our company, the rest of us in social welfare activities such as helping blind children, raising orphans, etc.