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We are working on the vision of

Late- Shri Pradeep Lakshane

Pradeep Lakshane was nature-lover who worked at the Rajasv Bhavan, Naka Chandrvadni, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474007. Popularly known from for his greeen movements and was called “Paryavaran Mitra”

about us

Sarted with the vision of Pradeep Lakshane, and Now we are trying to fullfill Pradeep's Vision.

The objective was to empower women, improve their economic status and stability in the society, connect the youth, diversify and blur the boundaries of gender. The aim, however, was to bring awareness, awareness to prioritise health, awareness to conserve water etc.

He said "Life is easy with love."

- Pradeep Lakshane

For every good deed, there’s a little more good in the world.
Nature’s best remedy for everything is love. ❤️ Good deeds for good karma.

#ForTheLove of  A dose of kindness can do wonders.



The foundation stone of Aseemit Foundation was laid way back in August of the year 2011. It was established with an objective and
purpose. The objective was to empower women, improve their economic status and stability in the society, connect the youth,
diversify and blur the boundaries of gender. The aim, however, was to bring awareness, awareness to prioritise health, awareness
to conserve water etc. Aseemit Foundation was initiated in an attempt to eliminate the drug culture (consumption and sales), put
a full stop on the otherwise unsupervised sales of tobacco products and to make India achieve a better status across the world. We
also aim to construct a greener Earth by taking large steps in the direction of afforestation


Aseemit Foundation constantly works in the direction of making a better name for itself by prioritising health, wellness and positivity. We constantly try to state true to our vision and our mission that started us off. Our NGO constantly works towards making India better, it may range from empowering the women of the nation and their economic status, employment in the rural areas, supporting and funding new startups and small businesses, guiding the youth in the right direction, working for the cause of of poverty, promoting health and wellness in the correct format, supporting students, building a tobacco free India to making a greener India which is pollution free e and culturally rich and stable. We also work against the evils of the society which may include malpractices such as dowry, corruption and the ever growing but lethal drug consumption culture. Let us give you a brief introduction about how we try to provide solutions and serve the nation in fulfilling the above-mentioned goal

Empowering women

We may agree to disagree but the fact of the matter is that we are still very much a patriarchal and biassed society where women are considered inferior to men. We try to break out from the norms and empower women in such a way that they are able to decide for themselves, feel liberated and live on their terms.

Rural employment

We often come across the issue of
unemployment in rural areas as compared to
urban standards. The problem is not about
the talent, the problem is a hierarchy of the
overall employment pattern. We try to tackle
the situation by making the youth realise
their capacity. With the initiatives of our
foundation, we try to make a difference in
this regard.

Support to startups

The economy of a nation depends largely on
the ever-growing businesses and startups.
But during this journey, the fact that remains
understated is that one has to start from
scratch in order to build the economy. The
sad part about this is that investors and
banks don’t help out small businesses and
startups in terms of the monetary aspect of it.
Aseemit Foundation constantly works in the
direction of making support groups to help
out small businesses and startups.

Youth guidance

The youth is the guiding force of a nation and
that’s the exact same case with India. If the
youth of the nation is directed in the right
direction, there is no turning back. But things
can go extremely wrong if the youth of the
nation is misinformed and missguided. This
may lead them to the toxic word of alcohol,
drugs, tobacco etc. We help out and guide
the misinformed youth in the correct
direction as they are the building pillars of
our great nation.

Work for mother and child

The relationship that a mother shares with
her offspring is truly magical. However, with
the ever growing population of the nation, it
is becoming difficult for women to take care
of the children. This issue can be economical,
social, psychological or traumatic. But, with
keeping the best interest in mind, Aseemit
Foundation works constantly to make India a
better place for mothers and their children.

Work for the poor

Poverty is one of the most issues that our
country faces. It is quite shocking to know
that almost 35% of India is still living under
the poverty line. It’s truly disheartening.
Aseemit Foundation is working constantly
and with incredible amounts of honesty to
make sure that our nation comes out free
and independent from the malaise of poverty

Pradeep Lakshane's Awards

Our mission

Aseemit Foundation was started with a certain amount of passion, self-confidence and motivation to work in the direction of serving others. Aseemit Foundation’s core mission is to emerge as a useful vessel for global market awareness initiatives by establishing an entirely sustainable commercial modality. This would be extremely beneficial for the human race as well as mother nature itself. We  were constantly in the right direction and path to emerge victorious in our mission. Throughout the journey of more than 10 years, we have been able to perform our actions keeping in mind the very mission that started us off. We constantly work towards perfection and believe in changing up the gears in the marketplace. The best part about our foundation is that we constantly try to reinvent ourselves to cope with the ever-growing and constant competition from our peers. That’s how we like to roll.

Our vision

Aseemit Foundation has been laid on the principles of truth and honesty. The main vision of our foundation is to emerge as a responsible market force in order to come up with organic and real natural true wellness products in an attempt to lead the customers towards a healthier lifestyle.
We like to keep things simple and that’s what we are going to keep in mind throughout the journey. We do not believe in making false promises and that’s why you don’t like beating around the bush and try to remain genuine.

Story behind starting the Aseemit Foundation

Just keep things short and crisp, we are going to keep this section true to the facts. We saw, observed and witnessed numerous cases of cheating practices  orchestrated by the big corporate brands, who usually sell cheaper quality and chemically rich food to the citizens of the nation. They don’t consider the health risk factors that come with the sales of these products. Then either care about the health of the people nor do they give attention to what goes in manufacturing their products. If that was not enough, millions of innocent fellow Indian brothers and sisters constantly consume these toxic products at a constant rate, the sole reason being the lack of food and health awareness among the youth of the country. In a jist, this sheer amount of toxicity and malpractices led us to start a revolutionary movement against the high brow corporations. Our movement as well as our foundation is humbly dedicated to the thousands of saints, great leaders and millions of Indians who constantly work for the overall development of the entire nation. Take a bow.